Getting A Job Out Of College

job after collegeCollege can be a great and very stressful time in a person’s life, especially if you’re young. Finding a job just out of college can be equally stressful. You may wonder what sort of jobs you might qualify for. There are many types of degrees. Naturally, business degrees are going to fare a little better on a resume in the job market than others. While a degree doesn’t guarantee you a job, it does create a very strong impression that an employee is motivated and has the credentials required to perform the functions of a job. Still, getting hired right out of college in any job can be a challenge.

The first step to finding a job just out of college is to decide what it is you want to do. There are a ton of jobs out there, and selecting a single one is not easy unless you can narrow down your options significantly. There are Engineers and Biomedical Engineers. Knowing what specific sort of job you’re looking for will vastly narrow down your options. Salary is another consideration. Since most people out of college are no longer living with their parents, they’ll have to be able to support themselves. Calculating the cost of living against a salary will let you know if the job you want is going to help you earn the amount you need.

One of the best ways to land a job just out of college is to work part time while in college. Some businesses offer internships that are paid or unpaid. Not only to these look as good on a resume as a degree, they offer you a chance to get your foot in the door with a big company. Even working in retail stores, while seemingly dead end jobs, prove to an employer that you’re able to work with customers and provide good service. It’s also always good to note that if you’re not hired by an employer, that doesn’t mean the window of opportunity in working with them is gone. It’s good to keep sending and emailing your resume even if you don’t receive an interview. If you do receive an interview and aren’t hired, you can still keep applying. Often a dozen interviews are conducted for a single job. While they’ll hire the best candidate, chances are that if you’re persistent enough you’ll be the best candidate by the time an opportunity for another interview rolls around.

You might also consider working for a temp agency. While temp agencies might not be ideal working conditions, they create experience for jobs that can be put on resumes, as well as help you make ends meet while you look for a full time job. A temp agency in Houston isn’t hard to find.

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