Getting an MBA

mbaDo you need an MBA? Is the investment of time and money worth it? Is this something that is really worth obtaining. It is evident that people are able to succeed without an MBA, however, many people use the degree to go further than they otherwise could have without it. Just like getting a college degree opens doors, getting a graduate degree like an MBA opens even more doors. Many people will tell you that the decision to obtain their MBA was the best decision they ever made, and it opened up the door for many more opportunities. An individual who completes an MBA program and is able to pay for the tuition is not only talented but motivated and that looks very good to potential employers. The biggest advantage however of getting an MBA is the skills you learn which directly affects the value you bring in many capacities to any company or employer looking at you as a candidate. David Wilson the President of the Graduate Management Admission Council has stated “an MBA is recognized worldwide as a currency of intellectual capital, and its value will increase as the economy improves and businesses grow.” I really liked how he used the term intellectual capital. Education is an investment of the mind.

Your intellect grows dramatically and thus adding to your capital and marketability as an individual. In a survey of MBA students it was found that the most important benefits of the degree were the opportunities to improve personally, gain a desired credential and improve/enhance their career options. I personally value the benefits an MBA provides an individual and think that if someone has the ability and means they should go for it. Why wouldn’t you want to take an opportunity that you can learn and grow from? Now that we know the benefits of getting an MBA, let’s look at the steps it takes to get there. It isn’t just something anyone can do. First you must receive an undergraduate degree.

Not only must you complete an undergraduate program but you need to receive good grades in order to be considered for admission into an MBA program. In addition to getting good grades, graduate schools also look at other things you have completed during your time at college. It is important to be involved in different extra curricular activities or clubs to show you are well rounded. Also, you will be required to take and score well on an entrance exam like the GRE. Once you have taken into consideration all of the above, it is important to pick a few schools you want to apply for. Just like your undergraduate, chances are you didn’t get accepted into the first school or only school you applied for. You want to better your chances by applying to about your top five or so schools. MBA Denver might be a good program to look at for they have a strong MBA program for their students. So if you really want to advance your career, assume more leadership roles and responsibility, and because you are truly interested in studying business you might consider getting an MBA. The benefits are sure great!


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