How To Become A Health Care Administrator

Health care administratorsThe health care field is one of the top in demand career fields in the United States. One of the most in demand positions within the health care industry is that of a Health Care Administrator.

Health Care Administrators go by an assortment of job titles. Some of those job titles include Clinical Manager, Health Information Manager and Hospital Manager. Out of the variety of professions within the health care industry, the position as health care administration is slated to grow over 20% by the year 2020.

Job Responsibilities: Like any other career field there is a list of tasks that the job entails. The tasks of a health care administrator is filled with implementing facility policies, coordinating work schedules, communicating with a variety of hospital staff, including department heads and organizing employee, facility and patient records.

Education: A person will first need to earn their high school diploma. After earning a high school diploma, they will then need to apply for admission to a reputable college institution and meet the requirements for a program catered to earning a Bachelor’s degree in Health Care Administration. A person will need to earn at least a Bachelor’s degree to be considered for an entry-level position as a Health Care Administrator, but most facilities will only accept applicants that have earned a Master’s. Most facilities will require a Master’s degree in Health Care Administration, Business or Accounting. While a degree from an accredited university is mandatory, on the job training is also offered.

Salary: According to, the salary for those in this field is lucrative, with the average salary being a little over $84,000 annually. Although $84,000 is the median salary, the starting salary for this position is around $50,000 a year and the top 10% in this field can earn over $144,000 annually. California, Florida, New York, Rhode Island and Oregon are some of the highest paying states for those who are Health Care Administrators. Some of the lowest paying states include Louisiana, Mississippi and Wyoming.

Working Conditions: Health Care Administrators can find work at major hospitals, nursing homes, outpatient care facilities and home health care service companies. The majority of Health Care Administrators work in climate controlled, private offices that are well-lit but there are some that share space with other staff members. Health Care Administration jobs require long hours and at 24 hours nursing facilities and hospitals, administrators are on call at all hours to handle any discrepancies that may arise. This career field may also require light travel.

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