Real World Applications for Marketing Class

classroomWhether you’re looking for a new career, or simply wanting to get the advantage for a new or continuing business, taking a marketing class can be a great idea.  A marketing class will teach you the four most important aspects of marketing and how to apply them in the real world.  The four principles are often referred to as the four P’s:

  • Product:  First you will learn how to recognize or create a successful product or service.  Before any marketing can take place you must know that you have a product or service that customers want and will also be willing to pay for.  You’ll learn in marketing the class the key things to look for in a product to determine its purpose and marketability in the real world.  You’ll also learn how to recognize individual services or skills that can be marketed as well.  These new skills will help you determine if you have a hobby, skill, or talent you can turn into a new business or how to find products that will sell.
  • Promote:  Marketing class of course will teach you how to promote or sell your item or service.  Learning the best ways to advertise, get added exposure, and ensure that your new product or service is noticed by the masses.  One of these important avenues of marketing includes email marketing.  This newest trend in marketing allows you to not only reach more potential customers but also customize your message and appearance.  Using the skills you learn in a marketing class you will learn whom your target audience is and how to reach them.
  • Price:  Learning how to price an item or service is vital.  You’ll learn not only how to consider manufacturing or supply costs but also how to use market trends and analysis to determine the right price point for your product or service.  Knowing how to use market trends, formulas, and other important tips will help you come onto the market priced right to reach your target audience and get the sales you want.  Without these skills you could find that you under or over value your product or service to the point it becomes either hard to sell or you sell without realizing a profit.
  • Place:  Where and how to sell or distribute the product or service are other important factors you will learn.  Whether you’re looking to open a store front location or simply looking for the best way to distribute an item through shipments worldwide, you’ll learn through a marketing class the important things to look for when working with shipping companies, distributors, or even landlords.

Learning these four principles will help you as you begin a business or later on as you are re-evaluating or expanding as well.  You’ll always have the skills you learn to quickly and effectively evaluation individual products and services to determine how, where, and when to market them.

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