Tips for Selecting a Field of Study

college_studyingOne of the hardest parts of going to college is picking a field of study. Many students stress out over picking a field because they think that it will lead them into the career that they will be forced to remain in for the rest of their lives. The good news is that there are now many fields like environmental studies that offer diverse programs so that upon completion multiple types of job opportunities exist. For students that are confused about what they want to do choosing a diverse field of study might be a great idea since they can later decide what direction they want to go.

When it comes to choosing a field of study the first thing student should do is realize that they do not have to decide freshmen year. Many people think that they have to know what they want to do their freshman year of college, but most students actually spend freshman year taking diversity courses and school requirements. Meaning that this year is mostly the basics without any real focused classes. In fact, you can use freshman year to take some basic courses in fields of study that you are thinking about in order to get a better idea of what you like.

This way you get a taste of the field of study that you are thinking about following to see if it is really going to be a great fit for you before you dedicate too much time to the major. It is also a good year during freshman year to explore your options because you will be on campus which means you can reach out to professors. If you are not sure if a field of study will be a good choice for you then go and meet with some of the professors or advisers from that school or department so that you can get a better idea of what it entails.

Finally, remember that you want to enter a field of study where there are going to be job openings. Always look into the job growth projection for the field that you are considering and take some time to talk to professors and advisers about the opportunities for you. Some fields like environmental studies and healthcare studies are experiencing a large surge of growth; other fields are going to be much more limited. It is a good idea to know what is available before dedicating yourself to a future that might be more challenging than you would like.

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