What Can You Do With a Marine Biology Degree?

What Can You Do With a Marine Biology Degree?Marine biology is a degree that many people consider when they have a love of the ocean and the creatures that inhabit it. It is a degree that requires a great deal of hard work and dedication. In addition, because it is a science degree it is essential that people who wish to excel in the field learn to become adept at things like math and other types of sciences. Of course, the best way to learn these things is to go to college and study marine biology. However, that can be more difficult than many people might think because there are relatively few colleges that actually offer this as a degree program, especially at the undergraduate level.

One option is for a person to find colleges with marine biology as a possible degree program for them at the undergraduate level and then apply to those specific colleges. Another method is for a person to get a degree in a different but similar subject throughout their undergraduate program and then go on to achieve a graduate degree in marine biology. This method may be somewhat more convenient for students who plan on getting a graduate degree anyway. There are more colleges that provide a degree in marine biology at the graduate level than at the undergraduate level. However, for students who are uncertain about whether or not they want to pursue a graduate degree, finding a college that has a good undergraduate program in marine biology may be their best option.

Two of the most prominent colleges in the United States that offer an undergraduate degree in marine biology are USC and UCLA. Both of these colleges are located in California, which probably accounts for at least a portion of the reason why this is a popular degree program in the area. Essentially, students who wish to pursue an undergraduate degree in marine biology must search for colleges that offer the program and many of these colleges will be located in coastal areas. Whether a student lives on the West Coast or on the East Coast, it is important to seek out the colleges that offer the degree programs that interest them. Unfortunately, students who live in the middle states may be forced to move halfway across the country to pursue such a degree program at a traditional college.

Fortunately, another option does exist. One college that has combined the practical aspects of marine biology with the technology of taking classes online is Unity. More information about the school can be found at http://www.unity.edu. Online learning is constantly gaining in popularity and it is now possible for students to complete the overwhelming majority of their college work online. This particular school offers an excellent resource for students that are interested in pursuing a degree in marine biology who do not live in a state that is bordered by the ocean, as it gives them access to such a degree program without forcing them to move more than a thousand miles away from home.


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