Why An Engineering Degree Is Worth The Effort

engineeringAn Engineering degree may involve a lot of hard work and be mentally challenging but in the long run it is certainly worth the effort.
The unemployment rate in the field of engineering is extremely low compared to other disciplines. The amount of engineering professionals out of work was as low as 4.5% in the second quarter of 2013.
Job prospects are excellent with demand high for electrical, biomedical, aerospace, computer, automotive, environmental, mechanical and petroleum engineering.
Another thing that makes gaining a degree in this field all the more worthwhile is the high salaries on offer. For example ARM Inc. in Austin Texas pay a salary of $80,000 for engineers working on processors for cell phones and servers. That’s not to mention the many benefits that these high tech employers are likely to offer such as sign-on bonus and company shares.
The constant demand for faster computing, global warming, and shortage of clean water and many other technically challenging problems of our modern world means people with degrees in engineering are in short supply. According to the National Science Foundation as few as 4.5 percent of graduates leave school with a degree in engineering.
Thanks to the recent bounce back within the US auto industry and numerous projects elsewhere in industry opportunities in manufacturing are extremely robust. Some areas that are doing well within the manufacturing job market currently are automation, controls and robotics.
There is also high demand for research and development work especially in the pharmaceutical and energy industries. In power plants demands for electrical engineers to work on power transmission and on the electrical system design to be used in buildings is at an all-time high.
Another area within the engineering field that is calling for graduates to specialize in, is that of sustainability. Sustainable engineering is the process of creating or operating a system so that it use resources and energy in such a way as not to compromise the environment or the ability of future generations to meet their needs.
The effort you put into an engineering degree pays off a lot quicker than many other academic choices. The graduate is more likely to score a high paid job as their first job. It also gives the graduate a lot more choice and flexibility in comparison to many other career choices. You will learn many transferable skills that could open up many career opportunities not necessarily in the field of engineering.
Engineering is a profession that allows you to be creative and pays off in terms of recognition and financial reward making it well worth the effort put into obtaining a degree within this field.

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